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Asking for your help with My Health and Financial Crisis


I am still sick from my trip to STEEMFest, and asking for your help. I have really bad and debilitating edema now which is not improving and might be getting worse.

I have fluid retained in my body making it hard to rest, work, and function at all. I've been in bed about 20 out of each 24 hours, but it's not seeming to help.

My normal posting of 5-7 posts a day on my three blogs is less than one third of that. No posts - no payouts.

At this point, I need to pay my rent which is overdue. Monthly wifi is coming up, and I am out of food.

Here are the items, dates and amounts of what I need in USD and STEEM. All amounts include 10% for fees and are rounded for ease of reading them.

Rent Overdue 105.00 925.00
WIFI Nov 28 35.00 310.00
Food 2 weeks 30.00 270.00
Total Needed 170.00 1500.00
In STEEM Wallet 30.00 280.00
Shortage 140.00 1225.00

The amount of $140 usd seems like it is not very much. The amount of 1225 STEEM seems like a huge fortune.

Here are the ways you can help me if you are so inclined.

You can upvote any of the posts on my three STEEM blogs, especially those older and close to payout:


  • You can send any amount of STEEM/SBD to my @fitinfun wallet. I will be removing what I have on Monday or Tuesday.
  • If you would like to send cash by paypal, please contact me in Discord. Sending that money to a member of TeamMalaysia instead of to me directly ends up being quicker and with much less fees. This will arrive in 5-7 days.
  • If you would like to send cash to my friend's Bank account in TeamMalaysia, please contact me in Discord to get that information. This will arrive in 48 hours.

My Discord Contact Info:


Many thanks for your support in so many ways. Many of you have suggested I see doctor, which is completely out of the question.

Right now I am going out for water. The walk up the hills will probably put me to bed again. But after that, I will keep trying to post.

Somehow I will get through this time and be back to myself. I believe in STEEM and my work here, and only wish to continue.



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