COVID-19 Doesn't Stop Us Keeping Fit

With lockdown being imposed for very good reasons across so many countries, small businesses are struggling and many people are struggling with being alone or stuck inside.

At fitandhappy, we have managed to keep our personal training sessions and boot camps going by taking our classes online using Zoom. Some of our clients are taking their tablet or phone outside to their garden and some are taking the classes in their homes.

Zoom training.jpg

Whichever they choose to do, not only are they looking after their physical health but their mental health too. Just getting to see their instructors and classmates online makes a huge difference in how you feel. We know it's not the same as getting together in the park but we will continue to be here, online for all our clients until we can get back outdoors together.

fitandhappy online class.png

If you wish to join us, please do get in touch. Currently, all our classes are women only but this may change depending on demand.

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