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Modern lifestyle is such that many of us have difficulty finding time to read. Many people are so busy that reading has become a luxury or a dreaded habit. 

But people are resourceful. We always find ways and means to overcome the barriers we face. 

There are times during our daily routines when we find ourselves doing certain chores or activities which allows us to listen to music, radio talk or podcasts but not read. This could be whilst we are travelling long-distance in a car or a train, when we are taking our dog for a walk, driving to work or when we are on a treadmill. 

And there are people who feel nausea if they read whilst travelling and would choose to listen to a podcast, radio talk or music instead to be entertained or informed 

The necessity of life to squeeze in as much time as possible for things you could not do otherwise is making podcasts a popular medium of information and marketing. 

Are you are in the category of people described above and have been wanting to know more about health and fitness but found no time to read? If yes, then you may find the list of the most popular podcasts in the Health and Fitness category on Apple podcasts curated by Mercey Livingston of c|net, very handy. 


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