Rebuilding Your Relationship (Setting Up Rules And Boundaries)

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Hello Everyone.
Although this could be one of the most difficult parts of trying to rebuild a relationship, it is very important for both partners to set boundaries with each other. Please do not mistaken or perceive this for being too strict or deprivation of freedom. This is how it works. When we we set a rule for our partners, we also try to follow similar rules too. For example if you your partner promise not to take alcohol, stay out late, see a particular person or stop some certain habits, the same should be expected from you regardless of your previous and current lifestyle.

Although there should be an agreement between both parties. It's best if we open up and be honest with our partners on what we would and wouldn't like them to do then also be fully prepared to face the consequences and accept their rules too.

Arguments, explosions, dramas and setbacks can be avoided and ejected out of s relationship this way.
Thanks for reading. Have a blissful day.

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