Summary of "let's talk about cryptocurrencies", event help up in Venezuela

On October 3rd, 2019, an event called "let's talk about cryptocurrencies" was held up in Carabobo, Valencia, where people talk about the Blockchain. The event was with the presentation of several groups of crypt enterprises, PixEOS, KARMA, Paytomat, Newdex and Team EOS.

The event was a four-hour duration, from 1:00PM until 5:00PM. Before it started, they had electrical issues, and still people waited with pleasure. This showed the availability that Venezuelan people are having about decentralized currencies.

Team EOS was in charge of opening with the presentations, starting with two main questions, what is Blockchain? and, what is EOS? People showed a great response at the time of the presentation and also expressed great interest in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The second presentation came from Natalia Loreto and Alexander Loyo, representatives of PixEOS, a platform where games and art collide. It offers online gaming to motivate to the blockchain community. They showed much of the improvements that their development team is implementing on their website.

After pixeos, the social network KARMA arrived by Andriu Barreto. KARMA is a social network designed for those who believe in the value of providing to the community good actions. Users are encouraged to do good, share positive and original content and receive karma for each like they receive.

Next one was Wilson Blanco, representing Paytomat as their regional leader, showing the features of the wallet and how to use it in the day to day, how to store the cryptos and keep them safe, a live transaction test was made so that people see how cryptos work and how fast it is to make this kind of transactions.

The last presentation also came from Wilson Blanco by presenting Newdex, the decentralized exchange that currently works on the EOS platform and recently venturing in Tron, tests of purchase and sale were made in the place for the people in there to witness the simple that the tokens exchanges are to realize and with the security that your assets are never transferred outside the wallet.

Ultimately it was shown to those present how to make changes from EOS to bolivars on platforms where it is accepted as @orinoco by the hand of @eosvenezuela team.

To end the event, the organizers handed out prizes such as caps, shirts, notebooks and so on. Before everyone left, they enjoyed a rest time where they got to know each other and enjoyed refreshments.

This event was really revealing, and demonstrated the benefit that the community of the cryptocurrencies have, more and more people are interested in joining and learning.

Thank you very much to all who participated in this event and to you for reading us.

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