Small wedding memories (Orders)

Hello dear Steemiteros, how are you? What do they tell me? If you are from Venezuela, how does light treat you?

Today I come to present one of my small orders that I made for a wedding, they are something simple for my taste, but the bride and groom wanted it. Soon I will upload the post of the work of these 3D origami hearts, since I would like to see what is your reaction to them ñ-ñ.

Something simple for a simple wedding, I will tell you that it cost me to do 2 dozen because I did not have the material at hand to make them all and the bride did not bring me the materials on time, so I had to improvise, oh and I kissed her He holds them is made of wood.

I hope you liked it, that you are well and that God blesses all of you ñ_ñ.

By the way, I took these photos with my Casio Qv 100 camera.

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