3D Origami (Roses)

Hello dear Steemiteros, how are you? They tell me?

The promise is fulfilled gentlemen and here is my post of the day, as many will know, if I have been following and what I do, I am fascinated to do origami, especially what in 3D. Today I come to present one of my most recent works ... What are ñ-ñ roses.

Some time ago I made another flower that will probably open it since it is Water Lily or Alcatraz Flower and since they liked it much more than my other figures I set out to make another variety of them.

I know that normally a rose is passion red, but because a client asked me to make them a different color like the one they are seeing, decide to upload these in specific, since they are very striking and beautiful in view of anyone ñ-ñ.

Each rose consists of 500 pieces of the color of your choice.

I hope you liked it, that you are well and that God blesses all of you ñ_ñ.

By the way, I take these photos with my Casio Qv 100 camera.

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