The Highlands of Scotland - Loch Shiel


Every time I look at this shot it reminds me of Saruman's tower in Lord of the Rings. It's not of course, its a monument to Bonnie Prince Charlie (Prince Charles Edward Stuart) who started the Jacobite uprising on these shores. The monument itself is dedicated to the Jacobite clansmen who fought and died for this cause. It was a final attempt (1745) to reinstate the exiled stuarts on to the throne of Great Britain and Ireland. It failed.

This is also the location of the famous Harry Potter viaduct the train crosses (its behind you in this picture). I have done a detailed post on riding the Harry Potter train in the past and you can find that on @steemitworldmap or if you are feeling dangerous you can find it by scrolling down my page until your finger drops off or you find it (whichever comes first). Really it would be great if steemit had some kind of bookmark or highlight feature we could use to 'pin' our best and/or favourite posts at the top somewhere. What do you think?

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Thanks @pixresteemer :)

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Thanks @nadjette :)

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I thought this scene looked familiar! I think a "pin" feature is a great idea! @bluefinstudios shared your post on P.Y.P.T.!


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Thanks! And thanks to @bluefinstudios for sharing :)

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I need to get myself into this scenery one day!

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You really do! :)

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