Screwing around with snow globes in a store

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I was in a department store the other day with my girlfriend. It was boring. Very boring. I am not a fan of shopping but sometimes a moment of creativity presents itself.

I found these snow globes with various figures in them and it occurred to me that it would be fun to try and take some close up pictures of them.

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So what I did was whip out my phone, and try and take some close up shots after giving them a good shake. It came out ok but I could have done a better job with a proper camera. Holding the snowglobe in one hand while trying to snap a shot with my phone in the other produced a lot of blurry shots, but i did get a couple decent ones in the end.

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I did get some creative inspiration out of it and I think I might head back another day with my DSLR to try some more shots.. or I might just buy a big stack of snow globes and just go to town on them at home with different lighting setups etc.

Its been a while since I've played with my camera so this might just be the jolt I need to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks for Looking.
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19.07.2019 11:14

hi @fiftysixnorth you may want to start using the creativecoin tag for your photography .. nice work

19.07.2019 12:14

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind :)

27.07.2019 14:54

I love the look that the phone gives these shots -kind of innocent and dreamy! Sometimes it’s good to forget all about fstops and shutter speed and just be carefree! After years and years of having to be technically perfect with everything, because I had to, I’m having more fun now with my iPhone than I ever thought possible. There are certain instances when a DSLR is necessary, but smart phones have come a long way. Quality is better than my first DSLR!!

Anyway, your shots are great! Glad you used your phone for those!!

22.07.2019 15:07

I agree, smartphones can provide a level of creativity and freedom from technicalities that you don't get with a dslr. and thanks! :)

28.07.2019 16:17

Plus, you can be inconspicuous with a smartphone when you are in markets or stores etc.

29.07.2019 13:15