Fifay Travels: Weta Cave, Wellington, New Zealand

Another Tourist Attraction that we visited in New Zealand is the Famous Weta Cave ~~ located in Wellington New Zealand.


It is the home of high-end sculptures, props, replicas and arts of famous and well-loved films such as Avatar and LOTR.

It’s a glimpse of film production of my favorite movie (The Lord of the Rings), that’s why I’m really interested to learn about this place. Here’s a sample frontage of the Hobbit House.



When you go inside the cave, there are different displays and designed shirts. There are also lots of memorabilia, artworks and sample props.



I also had a chance to take a selfie with Gollum 😅



My favorite part of all are these Giant trolls displayed outside the Weta. They are the mere replicas of the Giant Trolls in the Lord of the Rings movie. I definitely had fun take photos with them!🥳😅




So if you’re film biggest fan and you are curious about how they are created. You should visit this place. Entry in Weta Cave is FREE! and it’s easy to visit. It also includes short film documentary and mini museum. Make sure to pay a visit. 👌🏼

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Hi @fifay  wow thanks for sharing this interesting travel story with lively photos.. I wish I could take a picture of myself with Gollum someday…!

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