|| Achievement 5 Task 3 by @fida143 || Review Steemyy.com ||

Hey Steemians,

Today i am going to share what I learned about Steemyy.com.I hope this will help you too.


1.What is Effective Steem Power? Tools- Steem Account Information

Any delegated steem power and our own steem power is knwon as "Effective Steem Power".Effective Steem Power expands when we receive steem power from others and it reduces if we delegate our steem power to others.

1. Firstly we need go Steemyy.com.and click on Tools


2. After that select "Steem Account Information"


3. Now you can see our user name and account details.


2.How do you delegate SP using "Steem SP Delegation Tool"?

1.We must browse Steemyy.com and select Tools


2. Click on "Steem SP Delegation Tool


3.Now we can see this window


ow we had to fill pointed boxes with required details.I will explain of each box below.

Delegator ID means your User Name

Delegatee ID means the person which you need to delegate
Amount means the amount of SP you want to delegate
After the filing every boxes you must need to enter active key for the transaction.

3.How do you check the Transfer History between any two Steem accounts using "Steem Wallet Tool - Steem Account Transfer Viewer"?

1.Here again go select the Tool and click on "Steem Wallet Tool" option


2 Now you can see this type window.


After that we must enter the steem account ID.After filling details of what we need to check sender and receiver click on query

4.How do you automate claiming STEEM or SBD without having to click claim button each time, using "Steem Auto Claim Rewards"?

1. Select Tool and click on "Steem Auto Claim Rewards" under the Steem Essentials


2.then we can see this


By entering your steem ID and private posting you can fill up the form.Choose a time limit of up to two hours for auto claims to set a time limit for claim rewards

5.How do you check the outgoing votes report for any specified period using "Steem Outgoing Votes Report"? (This is really an important and a beautiful feature of Steemyy)

  1. Click on "Steem Outgoing Votes Report" given by under the Upvotes and Flags Category


  1. Then you can see This type window.


3.After the entering user name and select time period then click on outgoing vote report.This how outgoing vote report shows.


  1. How do you check the incoming votes report for any specified period using "Steem Incoming Votes Report"?

1. Click on "Steem Incoming votes report" option given by under the Upvotes and Flags Category. Fallow below picture.

2 We can see a window again as we saw earlier.


3 Fill It Same like previously and click on "Incoming votes report". This how Incoming vote report shows.


7. How do you check who has delegated SP to your Steem account or any Steem account using "Steem Power Delegator Checker"?

1. Chose "Steem Power Delegator checker" option given by under the Delegators and Delegatees Category


2.Now you can see a window like this . In there enter the username. Then you can see users which, delegated any amount of SP according to given user name

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I made by My Achievement 5 Task 3 and I hope you guys can understand It well. I specially thanks to @cryptokannon and @besticofinder who supported me to achieve these targets.

special thanks to


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