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Assalam o alaikum all steemit users. I hope you are all doing well. I hope you are enjoying good health by the grace of Allah Almighty. May you succeed in every field of life. May your dreams comes to true.

Today Diary game by @fida143::


Morning ::

First of all I got up early in the morning and went to mosque and offered my Fajar prayer and then recite the holy Quran.After recite the holy Quran I went to morning walk .

Morning walk ::

Morning walk ::
Morning walk is very important for human being. It makes the man healthy and wealthy . Morning walk keeps us fit . Morning walk remove fat from our body and do our body neat and clean .As food is very important for human body as morning walk is also very important for human body .Life runs with morning walk. There are many other benefits of morning walk also .So I go to daily for morning and I suggest to you go daily for morning walk if you wants to keep their health healthy and wealthy.


brought grass for animals ::

I go to daily to get grass for the animals .i have some animals .i take great care of them.i brought grass for them daily.I give them water and feed .he gives me milk .i care more about them .The way we take care of ourselves, we should take care of animals in the same way. .Animals are speechless, they cannot speak, we cannot say anything, we should take care of them very much. it is our duty .If Janu is coming to us, then we should put them on time, give them water on time, tie them in the shade. If I don't do this rich, the animals will also give us blessings and our life will also be happy.May Allah throw us all to sympathize with animals .


Breakfast ::

I have breakfast after fetching animal feed .I make breakfast very simple .We should have simple breakfast so that we are coming healthy present .Nowadays life moves with food.If we eat well your health will be good too .We should always eat things and be healthy .Cold things should be eaten in the.morning.If our area remains healthy then we will be able to work .If we don't eat well, we won't be healthy, we won't be able to work. I'm too sick to live in this world if we don't work .If we want to live in this world we have to work .


Study time ::

After breakfast I sit down to read .I am a student and it is my duty to read .If I do not study then I will not be successful .Today's era is very fast .In today's era, if we do not progress, then we will be left behind from the world, today everyone is progressing, studying and moving forward. Education is the only mobile way we can progress and leave the world behind and move ahead. Due to studies a person has decided many destinations, he has reached the moon, he has buried his paws everywhere. We should also study diligently and follow the path of progress.And be successful in these paths of progress .


Lunch ::

I read my books for a long time and while lunch is ready at home and my home member called me for lunch and I went to lunch and eaten my lunch. Simple food is very best for life so we eat simple food if we want to keep our health safe and sound this is the reason of valuable life and health so we always take care of it if we want to keep health maintain.


Sleeping time ::

Then I went to my home for sleep because sleeping is very important for life if you work and work every time this is harmful for our lives and this is very dangerous. We have limitation between work and rest sleeping and waking. If we have no limitation this is dangerous for our life. So we always keep limitation between them if we won't keep our health maintain and healthy.Allah made day for work and night for rest so we always scared today and sleep at night but in in summer days the day time is very long and we work hard in summer days so we also sleep for a short time in summer days because night is very short for rest .if we follow these instructions we will succeed in life and this and these instruction help us for maintain our health.

visiting fields::

I live in very beautiful village and my village have many beautiful fields many beautiful scene of sunset many beautiful scene of sun rises and weather.due to this characteristic my area is popular in our district as well as in our Pakistan. My area has many beauty. and because of this beauty our area is recognise on map as named district Okara tahsil Depalpur.
Every field is found in my area. Daily I visiting field and take some pictures. The scene of beautiful fails looking very charming and attractive. The beauty of my area attract anyone who passed from there. Because of this beauty I went daily to far photography.

photography ::




At night I ate my dinner and went to my room and write my diary game.

I hope you like my diary game and photography of field.

Achievement 1 My introduction to steemit and new comer community ::

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