Better Life with steemit Today Diary game 16 June 2021 by @fida143

Assalam o alaikum all steemit users. I hope you are all doing well. I hope you are enjoying good health by the grace of Allah Almighty. May you succeed in every field of life. May your dreams comes to true.

The diary game by @fida143



First of all I got up early in the morning. I went to mosque offered my Fajar prayer and then recite the holy Quran and then we back to home and change my dress and went to morning walk .

Morning walk

I daily went to morning walk. Morning walk is very useful for our health . If we want ko keep our health safe and sound we should go to morning walk .


Brought grass for animals

Then I went back to home and change my dress and went to field and brought grass for animals. I had many animals and brought grass for animals daily from field . This my daily duty which I perform by the core of my heart.



At evening I went to stop . I had a shop of clothes where I do work daily. I had I good verity of clothes by grace of Allah Almighty . I do work there daily . This is also my daily work duty which is perform .


At 6 pm

After work at shop I went back to home and taken rest for a while. Then I went to field with my friend daily . I also made some pictures of field.





At night I went back to home and I had dinner and then I went to my shop of super store . I had also one an other shop . I do work their at night .


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