Likes me
is like loves me
in a pinch.
One is all you need.
Just hang on it.
Don’t worry about ghosts
or changes.
Freeze that.
Hold it in your hands.
Look into it.
Find your reflection.
Stop using mirrors.
This is instead.
Collect the memoried gazes.
Hear them whisper
“I’m your friend.”
Write it there
on that paper you saw,
how you’ve been seen;
minus flaws.
Someone did that for you
it doesn’t matter when.
Compress it tiny
make little gems.
Affix your fingers
with them

When you get into
a little trouble
look down at those hands
wipe them off a bit
they should be dirty
But you’ll see them
They’re green for some reason
nobody knows
but they’ll remind you
of all the love moments
which is all love is really

Like this one
this is your gem
don’t offend me
start wearing it
Wink at this little ring
you’re not winking.
It’s on your index finger, ok?
left hand.
Did you?
I can’t force it but
you’ll feel a little better.

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