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QINGDAO AREA, MAY 27, 2021 - An advantage of high control precision of temperature and pressure. A structure that is highly reliable and extremely safe. Low energy consumption, simple operation and maintenance, and a highly stable system. Used widely in aerospace, automobile, satellite, wind power generation, rail transit, ships, medical equipment, power facilities, sports equipment and many other equipment.

Say Hello to SINIC Composite Autoclave. The only firm in China whose autoclaves are the most widely used not just in the nation but also around the globe. It's pressure vessels have successfully passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. It also has passed the American ASME, European CE, Chinese D1/D2 and every other standards and certifications that are needed in most countries across the world.

SINIC works on a wide variety of autoclaves. Small Laboratory Autoclave, Composite Autoclave, Carbon Fiber Autoclave, Large Scale Industrial Autoclave, Prepreg Autoclave, Aerospace Autoclave and Custom-made Autoclave. Of these, Prepreg Autoclave and Aerospace Autoclave are their most popular autoclaves.

Equipped with every type of certification needed to supply globally in every continent, SINIC aerospace autoclaves effectively automatically control the temperature difference between different positions of the workpiece does not exceed the set value. Also, the Temperature control precision of workpiece can be controlled to ±1°C. SINIC Prepreg Autoclaves are primarily used in the automotive field, rail transportation, boat industry, high-end consumer goods, etc.
"Our top-of-the-class engineers are working round the clock to design top-of-the-line autoclaves for our clients across the world. Our rich experience has gained us a long-standing clientele that don't think twice before ordering from us. SINIC Composite Autoclave as a firm values longevity of products, just as we value longevity of friendships. This is what motivates us to serve them above and beyond. And we'll continue to do that forever", said the Production Manager at SINIC Composite Autoclave.

SINIC Composite Autoclave mainly produces autoclave and all kinds of composite products. They always attach importance to the accumulation of technology and investment in research and development, with advanced production equipment and test equipment, and have the ability to continuously develop new products.

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