The birth of Nyamekye

All too soon we have established the fact that, the village called 'Nyame Y3 Adom' (God gives Grace) had a treasure that healed its people in times of needs and in one way or the other she was banished in my episode yesterday for a reason that is not yet known. So let's sit up and see how today's episode go.


But before I move on to whatever I have today, let me just spice the whole show by giving you the benefit of the doubt to at least know some names I know I have kept you waiting. The wonderful blind woman I have been talking about for the past two days is called Ama (that is a general name given to any female born on Saturday here). And her town or village is already stated in my first paragraph. The lady who vowed to take care of this blind woman is also called Dansuaa.

Now, a poor soul is left out in the dark forest, not knowing where she is or what is around her. Every step she takes push her to fear since it always brought a rattling sound. All she ever got is the sound of her voice to cheer her up in the dark.

Little did she know that the sound of her voice only draws attention of wild animals and bad spirits in the forbidden forest. As she sings her heart out an hungry bear hears her and decide to use her as dinner for the day and the days before.

But as it draws closer to Ama without her not knowing what is before her, all she could hear is the sound of a gun. All thanks to a hunter who saved her from the bear attack on her. She then cried out for help from the hunter. All she could scream out is help help help. Am a poor blind woman not knowing my left from my right, said Ama to the hunter as he drew closer to her.

The hunter took her home to which the Hunter's wife called Antwiwaa was angry about since that had no meat at home for a proper meal that day. And aside that she was depressed for always loosing her child even before delivery. The name of the Hunter's village was called 'Odo Efe' (Love is beautiful).

It's been a cool 5 months now since Ama got to Odo Efe village, and the Hunter's wife noticed she is pregnant and so she went to talk to her to which she said yes for the past three months she hasn't had her period, and she was thinking that she might be sick. And to her the pregnancy seems so strange to her since she has not had anything to do with a soul in their village.

As she rattle those words the Hunter's wife (Antwiwaa) began to have some anger in her, since she thought her husband is the one who did that act. Antwiwaa confronted her husband when he got home that day and he denied it wasn't him, but his wife never took his denial, since she knew the time of Mary is past and there is no woman who has ever gotten pregnant without having a sexual relationship with an opposite sex.

To Antwiwaa, her husband has cheated on her with a blind woman because of her inability to give him a child. This brought some hatred between Ama and her. She never wanted to see her or her shadow around the house.

Months passed by and Ama finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy called Nyamekye (God's Given). Ama now got Nyamekye as her strength and always sings for him.

Let's see what the next episode seems to unfold and I know you all have some questions to ask. So just feel free to ask them as comments under this post.

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