The guy who didn't understand community


There was a guy who didn’t understand what a community was for. He couldn’t grasp the idea of mutual support for the greater good and thought that his ideas were the ones everyone should follow. Each time someone did something he didn’t agree with he would take the time to sabotage their work and convince others it was of less value.


He thought of himself as a hero that knew the right path even though no one else saw it that way. He was convinced that his actions were correct but didn’t notice that he was the only one that didn’t support anybody else but himself.

Those that had a harder time making a living were the most affected. Even a little less value given to their work made a huge difference in their capacity to make it through the month. But that wasn’t important to this fellow. He had been born into a life of abundance and never knew what it was like to struggle to survive.

@mmmmkkk311, this is your story. I don’t doubt it can have many endings. Maybe this guy finally realizes what it means to support others and be part of a helping community. Maybe this guy has so much pain within that this is the only way he knows of expressing it and keeps living like this forever.

I think it would be wise of you to get off the computer for a bit and take a walk around the world. Meet different people and get to know diverse realities. Not everyone was born with riches like you. And don’t try to deny it, if you had ever struggled financially you would know the importance of 30 to 40 cents, how they can add up daily, monthly and yearly.

Anyway, I really hope your pain goes away. I hope that you can someday come to see that giving a hand is more rewarding than being “right”. Perhaps you are right and SBI’s are a bad thing similar to bid bots (though I think few agree with you). To me they are an expression of collaboration, a way of solidary investment. I think most Steemians see it that way.

But let’s say they are damaging the quality of posts. Don’t you think there might be more clever ways to get your point across? For example writing your opinions on the matter with solid arguments like the rest of us here. Right now all you are doing is bashing on people who dedicate hours to making content and supporting their fellow Steemians.

And it’s obvious you can do that because you have the money. It’s good you get to have a nice financial situation and that means you also have time on your side. Why not put your time and resources to creating an alternative to SBI? Perhaps you can bring up something real solid that encourages both supporting and quality content.

With great power comes great responsibility. I know what I write here probably won’t change your mind but eventually life will show you with it’s wisdom and you’ll remember this.

Hope your power eventually comes to the supportive side,


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Yes, and there are many other likewise posts. Hope this stops. I wonder why we can't block users here in Steemit, we should be able to make un content invisible to those we don't want to have any interaction with it.

13.12.2019 13:59

Well put @fenngen ... good effort to reach out to him

13.12.2019 12:39

Thanks, let's see what happens...

13.12.2019 13:40

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