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It's always a great idea to promote and highlight all those posts that we really enjoyed reading. This past week this community has grown a lot, not only in the amount of subscribers (which we are really happy for) but also we have seen some great content being shared and that's what makes us the happiest!

We have not taken into account all those posts that were done for any of the contests we're running and we also try to encourage all new and regular users to be promoted in this section!

This is our selected picks from this week, which went from 10th October till 18th October.

Here's our top picks for you:

I believe this is seriously an outstanding post. I really enjoyed reading it from the very first moment. @raquelsisio1 tells us about how we're used to idealizing and fantazising about love and how movies and series affect us into expecting something that might not be real. You really don't wanna miss this out!

In this opportunity, @elclosetdebro shared a great creative writing of her own. This story tells about the duality of two worlds, the living and the death. You don't wanna miss this out!

In this opportunity, @belenguerra shared with us a very detailed guide on how to grow your own citrus. It's pretty interesting to see how she took pictures of every single step of the process! Take a look a it, it's fascinating!

This week @moshcny shared with us a series of short writings of his own, they are worth to take a look at! In this episode, a situation takes place in a shop with a very particular woman...

This week @godingame shared with us a beautiful poem about cold darkness and the willing to go on... Thank you for sharing it with us!

We certainly love @carlos84's skills at the moment of writing! This beautiful short story is about the inspiration he had from a cold winter morning, we think you shouldn't miss it out, it's so well written that it's a pleasure to read it! Thank you for this, Carlos!!

https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmYg2TyFQBxG4CjdGrjEpfJtyJ7p2Xu2EQrhfPXnYE8C6m/image.pngThis time, @leonelb shared with us a creative writing that talks about Salvador's life, a young child with a health condition and a very had life. Despite of all this, this child had showed some great qualities and strenghts, such as having a beautiful smile! Thank you for sharing!!

In this creative writing, @pavonj told us a story about how hunting with your dad can go totally wrong... You don't want to miss this out, the quality of this writing is simply great! We hope to read more of your stories @pavonj!

@mimiinguanzo shared with us a a review of a book she's been reading, "Pequeñas Mentiras", which has afterwards become an HBO series. She gives a pretty interesting insight about this book and this review is worth taking a look at! Thank you for this, we hope to see more of you!

For this week, @celi130 shared with us a review on one of the most successful Disney films, "Brave". She writes about some interesting thoughts about the movie and why it's interesting for kids to see it!

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We really hope that you enjoy this special post about our top picks! Don't miss any of this posts, take a look at them and let us know if you liked them!

Thank you all for sharing with us, it means a lot to see all the engangement with this community!
And of course, we also want to thank @steemcurator01 and @cryptokannon for encouraging us from the very first moment!
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Gracias por todo el apoyo! 🤗

18.10.2020 14:28

Gracias a vos!!

18.10.2020 15:38

Genial publicación Flor!!

Gracias a todos los miembros de W & R por confiar en nosotras!!

18.10.2020 15:37

Muchas gracias por el apoyo, espero poder seguir publicando contenido de calidad.

18.10.2020 18:12

Gracias a vos, es un gusto leerte! :)

19.10.2020 01:51

Muy buena la reseña de los post @fendit

19.10.2020 00:21

Gracias!! :)

19.10.2020 01:51

Excelentes publicaciones las seleccionadas. Un honor para mi ser seleccionado por la comunidad #Writing & Reviews, espero seguir contribuyendo con mi contenido, gracias a estas dos lindas y amables damas como lo son @belenguerra & @fendit por el especial apoyo a mi contenido, un abrazo desde Venezuela.

Saludos y éxitos.

19.10.2020 01:41

Gracias por tan lindas palabras, Carlos!! :)

19.10.2020 01:51

¡Oohh que lindo! Ustedes chicas son fantásticas y gracias a ustedes esta comunidad esta creciendo. ¡Sigan así! Y gracias por el reconocimiento, hacen que quiera publicar más contenido y de una mejor calidad.

¡¡Que pasen buenas nochees!!

19.10.2020 04:34

Muchas gracias por tan lindas palabras @raquelsiso1 y ser un miembro activo de esta comunidad!! :)

22.10.2020 12:36

Gracias Raquel!!

25.10.2020 23:39

Gracias, es una linda sorpresa como se incentiva a la comunidad… a todos nosotros.

21.10.2020 14:17

Es un gusto para nosotras! :)

22.10.2020 12:36

Hooolaaa amigos!!! No conocía esta comunidad, que éxito, me alegra por ustedes, claro que participare en los concursos!! Saludos y espero que cada día crezcan mas y mas!! :)

Por cierto, excelentes publicaciones!! :)

22.10.2020 03:58

Muchas gracias amiga! :) Es un gusto tenerte aqui!!

22.10.2020 12:36

Sin duda alguna ustedes son geniales, este post está lleno de contenido de calidad, me gusta mucho lo que hacen, pues, hacen crecer a la comunidad día a día con su aporte. 💙 Un abrazo desde Venezuela 🇻🇪😊

22.10.2020 12:24

Muchas gracias por tan lindas palabras @drynemer!! :)
Es un gusto tenerte aquí, compartiendo con nosotras!

22.10.2020 12:37