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Life is not easy, but not that hard. so we do things that are unnecessary, but have a very big impact on the failure. We have an opinion triangle, on the one hand we have an unhealthy opinion about ourselves, namely what? I'm not white enough, I'm not tall enough, I'm not sharp enough. I'm not cool, I'm introverted. so a lot of people use stamps. stop you can't do that because it's not you.

On the other hand we have wrong opinion about other people, other people are luckier than me, other people are cooler, other people are more talented, others have easier lives. It seems that God is unfair because there are others who are exaggerated and not to me.

On the third side are opinions about life. Some say this life is just dropping by for a drink. and drinking nearly 30 years, life is only a moment, I screamed. But sickness and poverty for 50 years is very long, right? so a lot of the opinions are not aggressive enough, they are not advanced and they are not trying.

Now what these people do who have an opinion that is not very good about themselves, an opinion that is not good or too good for other people and the opinion about life that they see is unfair, then they will do, delay or hinder.

if the attitude in this triangle is wrong about himself, he will do what is not important to him because he thinks what matters is impossible.

Postponing doing so that he will get old doing people who are less action is not good because of changes in life, fortune follows actions.

Then get in the way, "don't wanna ah" !! . "I'm the most unlucky Wednesday", I'm this zodiac so I can't do this. Many things are hindered. God seems to forbid me to make money in the south, these things always raise questions like this: is there anyone who you believe is not successful will be successful? Are there people whose qualities are worse than you will be successful? the answer is there. because from earlier you have used a stamp. You can imagine if we marry the person we stamped, the dishonest who we have stamped, then his life is only suspicious.

So people who make it difficult for themselves have wrong priorities. So he will put the unimportant first, but he will end the important one.

Many people relax, postpone for later, many students remember doing assignments when the internet is down, because online games have stopped, because unnecessary browsers have stopped, why? Because the internet is down. and just started working, even though his job depends on the internet network.

One day I once asked a question to a student of mine at school. I asked them "which of you is not good at swimming" ?? It turns out that many are pointing at the hand, which means that the pointing hand cannot swim. I was amazed, then I asked them again, "why are you big but can't swim", then they answered "don't dare to swim" ,, "some are afraid of water" and so on. I again asked, "why are you afraid of water, what is the reason that you don't want to swim," ?? They did not answer, they looked down at the table, some looked at the floor, some looked at each other.

Then I explained to them a simple story, telling a story ,, The logic is like this, when you were 5 years old when you were a child, were you able to bring a bicycle or ride a bicycle ?? They answered "not yet able to ride a bicycle". Then I asked again, "why can't you ride a bicycle" ?? They didn't know the answer, so I continued my story about why you can't ride a bike or not. The first is because you don't have a bicycle and the second there is a bicycle but no one teaches it.

At that time, your parents bought a bicycle, what are you buying a bicycle for? because you can't ride a bicycle yet. The answer is so that you can ride the bicycle .. The bike that was bought was a two-wheeled bicycle that had a small wheel on the side. The first time you try it, you can't ride a bicycle, then your parents taught you, your brother taught you, your siblings, your relatives taught you to ride a bicycle.

Then back to my original question why can't you swim yet ..?!? Because nobody taught you to swim, your parents didn't teach you to swim, your siblings, your family, your relatives, didn't teach you. It is certain that when you are an adult you cannot swim, so if you want to swim you have to go to the swimming pool, to the river or to the sea to learn to swim. You have to be able to motivate yourself like that

If it is just theory and just sitting around you can't, it's the same as your parents buying a bicycle for you. Then you don't try to practice, you are scared and lazy, then you still can't. The others are also the same, whether it is playing music, exercising, learning to dance, learning physics, learning mathematics chemistry, if not trained, and never seen, of course you cannot. If you don't practice swimming, you won't be able to. The point is something you have to live with first, don't say no, don't be lazy, after that you will get what you work for. This applies to all aspects of life. Try something, who knows you will get experience there.

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