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The usefulness of palm tree

Palm tree is a very popular tree in Nigeria.Everything on the palm tree are very useful.

From the kennel which is known as (ekuro in yoruba language) we get palm oil which we use to prepare soup or stew, its very good in the body because it has no cholesterol.

When kennel is dry we grind it we get admin pomade from it, adin pomade is used on heir and scalp to kill dandruff and to have healthy hair
We also get broom from the leaves, the broom is used to sweep the environment clean.

While we can also get basket from the stalk of the leave, we use basket to convey harvested food crops from farm to the market.

Inside the tree we tap with hook and holes to get palm wine, which we normally use for traditional marriage especially in (Igbo land in Nigeria)
After getting oil the shaft is used as fuel.


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