The Prison! A weekend freewrite

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This is the weekend freewrite challenge. I am using @mariannewest’s #weekendfreewrite, to write this piece please read here. Continuing with Mary's life, after having spent several months without seeing him she will visit her brother in prison. I hope you enjoy my fiction story.

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# The Prison

Salsbury and the many missionaries before him knew that all of this - the powerhouse, the gardens, the growing fields, the barn, the hospital - were all part of...

that complex of buildings that was part of the prison, he was there after the court placed a penalty of five years which he had to comply following the rules that were followed there.

That day his sister Mary came to visit him, she was amazed because when she communicated with him by phone, he proved to be jovial and serene, this despite the fact that other people would say that the place was full of people with problems , in which some of them had already lost their sanity.

There the time seemed not to advance, always routinely early at breakfast time a siren sounded then each of the prisoners had to perform various tasks, many of these were for the benefit of the community that provided them with an economic income.

That day when Mary went to visit him, at the reception of the complex there were other women,

"Dough Friday" I used to call him teasingly, since out "marital visits" began usually that day when....

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There all the women were interrogated and asked to show what they carried in their purse. Mary felt quite uncomfortable after being frisked, the watchman asking her what she was going to do in that place and telling her that she was going to visit her brother, took his answer as a joke and went to check Salsbury's status on the computer. There her name was not reflected, so he called the supervisor to consult him. After an extensive interrogation they finally let her access the place so she could see her brother.

She now walked down a long corridor, with security doors at all ends, without being able to avoid it, her heart began to pound in an accelerated way because of the anguish she felt.

Then she finally reached a large room.

how selfish are you

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So Salsbury received her, since after being there for several months she had been late to visit him.

She simply told him:

"Brother on top of that I had to ask for a day off at work, you come to me with the story that I am an egoist.

You are an egoist who now because of the fact that you are in this place you no longer worry about me, you only claim and become the victim."

At that moment Salsbury hugged her and broke into tears, his grief showed it to her now, thereby losing his composure.

Those who were there without having any idea what was happening began to recriminate that they should have more strength since in that prison only the brave survive.

Mary loudly replied:

"Soon my brother will leave here, I just hope that when he leaves he will be a new person without the evil that you have"

Everyone there was silent at her words.

(to be continued).

© 2019, Felix Garcia P. All rights reserved


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That's a very sobering story...but somehow I think you will end it with a positive note. Because that is your way :)

01.12.2019 03:57

My vote isn't worth anything right now, but I did read your story and like very much what you did with the prompts! I also wrote so maybe that gives me more respect? I love how the all go in so many different directions despite being the same prompts and that we both went to police!

01.12.2019 05:26

Love is like prison
Close me
it let me can't get out
is unwilling to go out
Or reluctant

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respect that you got Mary into the weekend freewrite!

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