My Entry to Goldencenser’s daily with @writeandearn: October 15 2019

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

The nature of man has always been marked by his desire to overcome. This leads him to accumulate goods which can refer to properties, materials and even animals or birds. It is the case that with his inventiveness the man devised the money to which he granted an exchange value.

Today the Golden Censer in the daily verse delivered leads me to reflect on it.


So I hereby have the pleasure of participating in the daily challenge proposed by @writeandearn, who proposes us to visit Golden Censer to request the daily Bible verse.

For this reason, I have sent 2 Hearts to the Golden Censer account and this has given me 2 Hearts plus the gain of the daily Bible appointment, for this day it is given by NIV Genesis 47:16.

[Screenshot by @felixgarciap]


“Then bring your livestock,” said Joseph. “I will sell you food in exchange for your livestock, since your money is gone.”NIV Genesis 47:16.

The Word tells me:

This verse, placed in the context of what I live, means to me that I must place my knowledge and value at the service of others, and for that reason I will be rewarded. I should not be intimidated by circumstances but have the confidence that God is by my side helping me in my efforts.

In prayer, I ask God to give wisdom to the pastors of the church to carry the message of the Holy Scriptures that will allow us to achieve a world of peace as taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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God bless you abundantly.

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@felixgarciap, our trust in God is what allows us to achieve victory in everything we undertake, DTB.

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