Archmage Darius is nearly out of print, will get replaced

Out of the 90 Archmages, 88 have already been printed, including 3 gold foils. Time is running out. When 2 more are printed, they won't ever be available again!

The only way to get your hands on one of these is through sheer luck out of the Mystery Potion. So what happens when there are no more Archmages left? What will fill it's void?

I've asked @yabapmatt about this and he has given me a very straightforward response:

If you were just about to get new Mystery Potions, you might want to hold off until this has been settled, otherwise you'll waste charges without a grand prize at stake. Although getting orbs isn't all that bad!

Although I am not a part of the @steemmonsters team, you can consider this a semi-official development update of sorts, since this piece of news comes from yaba himself. @schachoberhessen inspired me to seek him out.

All of this is, of course, not surprising. It is simply the same practices they have been using with reward cards and even booster packs. When cards run out of print, replacements are arranged (within an acceptable delay of time).

How much stronger will cards get over time? How much longer will Prince Rennyn reign supreme? Maybe UNTAMED will tell us.


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Archmage being that rare should get a buff in my oppinion.

Idk like +1 speed also
or one of the bonuses he gives was a +2
Or just make him 4 mana :D

13.11.2019 19:02

But was is with Delwyn ?
This card was promoted by SEED/Germinator-Campaign that he is except the water splinter the only splinter who give +1 Magic Buff.
The cards from this campaign was not redeemable but it comes already the Orbs with Archmage.
I think that before thinking about Archmage they should think about Delwyn and at least reduce Mana now to 4, as he is nearly useless cause of Mana-reducing from Archmage (6 to 5) - I really think that in this way they should not deal with investors after they done their investment in the game.

13.11.2019 19:11

Well delwyn is also a common summoner, he's supposed to be not as good as other summoners

13.11.2019 19:46

Agreed, specially when delwyn can still be very useful in 24+ mana gold/silver matches.

14.11.2019 00:33

But @yabapmatt told in the potcast to the SEED/Germinator-Promotion that he is the only summoner except the water summoner who add +1 magic buff. The question is if this announcement was correct, because when you could reedeem your Tron token Archmage was already released.
So to the time of this interview their was no other summoner, but it was no time when the card was the only summoner with magic attack, as Archmage was able to play before Delwyn.

I think it is really not a good way to deal with investors - also if I think that the game is great I feel that they do not good by dealing in this way with the investors from SEED/Germinator campaign.

So in the end 75.2% of their cards (this the drop rate for common cards) are now nearly worthless cause they bring first Archmage and later reduce his mana cost - this is the point.

If they really think about their investors and honour that they take part they should in my opinion reduce the mana cost from Delwyn, so that this investment make sense.

18.11.2019 21:05

I don't think they consider Archmage Darius when making design decisions (or answering design questions) because it is meant to be overpowered by design. 90 exceptions to any rule.

18.11.2019 21:11

OK but they told this in this potcast to promote the SEED/Germinator-Campaign and for me it's not a good dealing with investors to bring Archmage, in every case not after mana-reduction from 6 to 5. So the people who took part in the SEED/Germinator-Campaign have now nearly worthless cards of Delwyn because of this. Why not to reduce now the Mana-cost of Delwyn ? At least it would show the appreciation with the investors of the SEED/Germinator-Campaign.

18.11.2019 23:39

Honestly, I think it would be overpowered if he cost only 4 mana. I think they didn't plan him well.

19.11.2019 00:43

OK but about this they should think before reducing Mana cost from Archmage from 6 to 5. A card who has only disadvantages against another card and cost the same Mana make no sense and especially if they used this card before for promoting the SEED/Germinator-Campaign - this is the point.

20.11.2019 04:05

100% agreed.

20.11.2019 07:14

As BETA are gone Prince Rennyn is also out of print now.
I'm really curious what will come and I agree with you, that in the moment their is no sense to buy mystery Potions

13.11.2019 19:03

Yeah! I'm guessing it won't be another summoner.

14.11.2019 00:31

Thanks that I inspired you !

13.11.2019 19:07


14.11.2019 00:31

Wow, Archmage Arius is coming to an end and we still rarely see him on the battlefield. And he was already buffed by lowering his Mana costs from 6 to 5.

13.11.2019 19:48

To be fair since there will only be 90 in total, and they're all level 10, we'd probably only get to see him in tournaments anyway. But not even there he shows up much.

14.11.2019 00:31

for @felipejoys


13.11.2019 19:55


13.11.2019 19:55

Thank you.

14.11.2019 00:27

View or trade BEER.

Hey @felipejoys, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

13.11.2019 19:55

I tried Mystery Potion but got just Commons ..... No luck

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14.11.2019 03:40

I got orbs and mechs when I tried them. Evened out, at least.

14.11.2019 04:05

Archmage Arius is rarely seen because he is so scarce (limited supply) and because most of the players who do have copies of him tend to have larger collections (with more summoner options) and they play at higher league levels (where he isn't as good).

I definitely think he should NOT be improved further, especially because I think he is overpowered at the lower leagues. Right now, most people tend to just focus on card balance at the highest league instead of considering the impact on all league levels. I've seen Arius used to frightening effect in Novice/Bronze tournaments and there isn't much you can do to counter him at those levels. Boosting him further will just make it worse. Right now, it's just that most Arius owners don't participate in very many Novice/Bronze tournaments.

14.11.2019 06:55

Agreed. But I've read he isn't used in higher level tournaments.

14.11.2019 12:57

Agreed. But I've read
He isn't used in higher
Level tournaments.

                 - felipejoys

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14.11.2019 12:57

greetings, @felipejoys

thank you for share it to us!

14.11.2019 12:31

Hi @julisavio. What do you think of mystery potions?

14.11.2019 12:59

17.11.2019 17:36