Trouble investing in STEEM

Finally I got my wife over the hurdle... She wants to invest some FIAT in Steem.

So what happens? I get her to make a bitpanda account to buy some BTC and LTC which works fine.

The BTC goes to the celsius network and is earning its interest as it is supposed to do.

The LTC goes to Binance and There I want to buy steem


wallet maintenance, deposit and withdrawal suspended


I have been convincing her of the ease of the way things are getting and how much smoother the crypto integration is becoming.

This does not help our case. If my wife who is a in contact with al the positive aspects of Steem regularly is so easily discouraged. She knows the apps and the games and the evolution because being married to a diehard Steemian you have to know this. Even the #NEWSTEEM movement is a small step but no more than that.

Then imagine how someone new will see this.

This was something that opened my eyes a bit and still shows how far away from mainstream we are. The whole key thing is hard to explain especially with all the features from the "freemium internet" like password recovery.

Personally I am convinced of the future of what we are building towards but I just realised that it will take a bit longer then I had originally assumed. I just added a few years to my estimate for more adoption.

I am convinced the movement will grow but I would say there will be no bigger adoption before 2025.

What do you guys think?

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07.09.2019 17:31

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07.09.2019 17:41

When steem hit 5 bucks people will become smart overnight.
You'll see.

07.09.2019 17:43

thats true... and at 5 bucks that makes me kinda well off... and at 1% per month I can live of it in certain countries

07.09.2019 18:23

Certainly some features that turn many away from this space currently, but just like anything else, crypto will better with time. I think a 2025 target is realistic and honestly makes me excited that I found crypto when I did. I mean, it woulda been nice to learn of it in 2012 with what happened in late 2017, early 2018, but still knowing I’m an “early adopter” makes me excited for the future ahead

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07.09.2019 17:43

As I said I am still convinced but just moved my timeline and like you I wish I would have been there earlier but am glad that all these cool people found steem along with us

07.09.2019 18:20

Yeah pretty glad I found it too. Have a nice foundation started and hope this can be used as a long term fund for things on down the road. See you around, felander

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07.09.2019 20:12

SMT and steem-engine start's tokenization of the internet. Perhaps, the investor are looking at it now but they want it to test how stable it is. More developer for template and plugins. Steem will become a new wordpress in my opinion.

08.09.2019 02:53

if that happens those with a bit of steem power will be very happy bloggers... Its a nice thing to look forward to but there is some way to go till that happens

08.09.2019 12:38

Actually for people new on stemit, it can be difficult to know. I remember when i first joined steemit, it took me nothing less than at least 4 month to even know anything about hoe steemit and the crypto space works

08.09.2019 08:05

very true and then not everyone has the inclination or the need to know more about the inner workings but do want to earn more then they do now

08.09.2019 12:39

The ease of use of steem is missing.

This is what we all see and what makes us argue with new people when moving them to steem.

I like to say:

We need a simple LOGIN with ACCOUNT creation

whenever this is done people need to have a simple way to

send their "PLAY MONEY" to steem.

Best by known digital FIAT ways to work like f.e. by PayPal or even your CreditCard.

08.09.2019 08:14

yea, you can buy steemmonsters with paypal, why not steem

11.09.2019 20:46

Where can you do this?
Love to learn.

12.09.2019 08:39

this allows other crypto and credit cards (and that is paypal) in the USD tab

12.09.2019 08:52

Interesting - could we use this for getting steem or even better could there be a service from any exchange to do this. Would be cool if @blocktrades could offer this.

but I remember somewhere, that PayPal was stopping clients who like to do this. Mainly because of fraud

12.09.2019 10:33

@yabapmatt could this be an issue for steemmonsters?? @aggroed and could the steem engine be used to buy DEC with paypal??

12.09.2019 11:11

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