Rolling the Epic Dice: the halvening


For those who like to place a bet now and then there are 2 major platforms on steem...

epic dice and Krypto Gamers

Now both are keychain enabled and both offer Dice games (Krypto gamers offer BlackJack and Video Poker as well)

So what is this halvening?

the Epic Dice house is sharing 50% of its daily profit with all the EPC holders. Before today the players would get 100 Epic for every Steem bet on the platform. As of today that amount dropped to 50

Receive dividend automatically

Daily dividend is the first and main feature EPC introduced. Half of the traceable house profit is poured in the dividend pool in real-time. And the end of the day, any Steem account holding positive EPC balance receive dividend payout automatically, directly into the pocket.

EPIC Token Specification
Token Name: Epic Token
Token Symbol: EPIC
Max Supply: 8,000,000,000
Decimal Places: 3
Halve every: 10% of max supply (first halvening reached 7.11.2019)
Initial token per STEEM/SBD for player: 100 EPIC
Current token per STEEM/SBD for player: 50 EPIC

Now for me this is nice since the token distribution has changed it will be harder to get the EPIC token in your wallet and to get that sweet passive income arriving in your wallet every day.

Till now the price of the token on steem engine has not moved but I do think that in the long run this should affect the price we are seeing.

Add to that the announcement that they have another game coming out soon and this could be a nice token to have in your portfolio. I have bought some on the exchange over the last weeks and the dividends are ticking in nicely...

(not investment advice, just my opinion)

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