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As a child I used to read ferociously. I read everything I could get my hands on and all of that was on paper.

In this day and age I still like to read when I can get some time but it has been mostly digital and articles or blogs instead of paper books.

But for the next two books I made an exception. I purposely bought them in a paper edition instead of a digital one. So which books did I buy you ask?

Well, last month I was lucky enough to see Andreas Antonopoulos give a lecture here in Zürich. It was the biggest meetup ever held in Europe and it really was a riveting topic:

Bitcoin and blockchain


I have been fascinated by these for over 2 years now and the bug has not left me. So I finally got around to ordering his 2 books

I have been reading them when we go to the mountain lakes here in Switzerland and there is still a big difference to holding a real physical paper book in your hands then swiping the screen for the digital one.

But I am really happy with my purchase. The man is a true bitcoin torchbearer leading the way for others to follow and explaining why we need Bitcoin and Blockchain.

When you do not have the money to invest in crypto then Invest in yourself. This bear market has been an amazing time to learn and gather knowledge. Investing is not always financial.

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21.07.2019 07:30

I need to read a real paper book before going to sleep. It is soothing after a day surrounded by blue screens and in addition it allowes to always learn new stuff. Hope books will still be available in paper form in the future...

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21.07.2019 07:56

I guess they also might become more of a collecters item only to be printed on demand at higher cost

you can already see the digital versions being a lot cheaper

23.07.2019 13:22

You are right on this one...Paper books for some reason still feel better versus a screen, even though my ereader reads super pleasant. Same thing, while sitting at the Vierwaldstattersee the best thing to have on the side is a book. Not always finding the patience to look into it, because distracted because of everything that goes on on the lake, but still

Let me know if these books are worth buying afterwards oke?

21.07.2019 12:46

Will do, I have started the first one and its an interesting read for sure

23.07.2019 13:21

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