leasing 3000SP to steemleo

one of the tribes I tend to read more than others is the @steemleo. I have passed 40 and then suddenly you seem to be more conscious of what the future will bring and look to securing your retirement a bit more.

There are a lot of bright minds posting on steemleo.com and I feel that this token will grow (unlike a lot of others out there)


For that we need to invest because just leaving everything on the bank account is not going to bring anything. It will even drop your value these days as inflation is higher then the interest you are getting. Pretty soon we will start to have to pay just to keep money in the bank.
For the moment I am just keeping enough to cover expenses and an emergency if need be.

So to support the channel I delegated 2993.469 SP to them for 8 weeks... This helps them and it also helps me make a bit more steem to boot. So that is a very sound investment I would say.


Yesterday I wrote a post on how I always try to keep half my SP liquid for upvoting and curating and then a few hours after that I just go and break my word.

Well fear not, I have decided to get a bit more Steem and the Fiat is on the way to the exchanges. I guess that I do feel confident that Steem will prevail and that I want to keep building here. The token has not been this low in a long time and even though there might be another dip I feel confident enough to add another 3k steem to my account.

That way I will balance out the lease I made and will stick to my way of managing the Steem investment I made.

I am here to stay on steem, have not powered down and in these days it does not even seem like its worth it to do so. Hence we keep grinding and power up into the future.

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21.08.2019 11:49

I'm not engaged in the @steemleo tribe yet but it recently caught my attention. Being an avid investor myself, I think it will a community I love to be in

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21.08.2019 12:01

That is a supportive step you took in supporting the project

21.08.2019 14:25

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21.08.2019 14:26

We need people like you on steemit to keep supporting project like this on steemit

21.08.2019 14:47

The token will surely grow with time. I love how far it has grown so far and im already enjoying it

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