Investing per generation: Crypto is up next

I touched on this on my last post but want to dive a bit deeper here.

My great grand parents used only Cash

My grandparents were afraid of creditcards and refused to use them, Cash is king with normal bank cards as a backup.

My Parents use creditcards without thinking and have a lot less cash on hand

We are almost cashless and have taken on crypto

my Children will be Fiatless and pure crypto.

Every generation is a reaction on the ones that come before and the events that shaped the previous generation. So each new wave adopts an asset class or a certain type of stock as its preferred one.

Below I have listed the last four generations ending with the millennials who are now slowly coming into the age where they start to put aside some money for the future and look to investing what they can.

Silent generation

  • Born during the great depression
  • Born between 1928 - 1945
  • working and saving years 1958 - 1975 (age 30 - 50)
  • Their go to investment was Gold (did 15x in 8 years)
  • Frugal spending

Baby Boomers

  • Born between 1946 - 1964
  • Working and saving years 1976 - 1994 (age 30 - 50)
  • Equity and stocks
  • Consumer spending tripled during that time so shares of consumer stocks outperformed the S&P 500 massively

GenX cellular:

  • Born 1965 - 1985
  • Working and saving years 1996 - 2005 (age 30 - 50)
  • Equity and Stocks and Dot Com period
  • Everything internet boomed and then those stocks did the same with the S&P 500

Millennials :

  • Born 1986 - 2004
  • Coming into their working and saving lives 2016 - 2034
  • Digital generation of 2.5 billion people
  • Buying recreational vehicles (freedom and quality of life)
  • Do not trust banks (due to crisis in 2017)

This last generation does not like the banks, they do not like the stock markets but they still want to have earnings and invest their money. Once they have their RV they look for what is out there. Since 2015 there is a better and better option for them. Every month that passes there are more solutions for easy on-boarding present.

The technological gap that was excluding a lot of people from owning crypto due to its difficulties are diminishing every month with the DEFI movement and the ease of use of the Apps and DApps that are being launched.

In my opinion there is going to be a lot of inflow into these asset classed in the near future and funnily the tech should be ready for it as well by then...

This is what makes me bullish on crypto and keeps me investing even though there is no moon yet.

What are your thoughts? Does this thesis make sense?

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17.11.2019 21:41

Couldn't agree more. Excellent way of putting it, too.

18.11.2019 16:29

thanks, I thought it was quite significant and will be for those already in the space

18.11.2019 18:27

Hi! Great information. I agree with you about the millennials way of thinking. But I think it is wise to have more than one asset class besides crypto. Because the goal is to win in any market conditions. Trying to go all in on one asset just to prove others they are wrong is putting ourself in vulnerable situation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good day!

20.11.2019 04:35