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The Wim Hof method week 2

Last week I mentioned that I started with the Wim Hof method.

And I wanted to explain what has happened during this first week and what the next steps are for this week.

As a quick recap you can eather read the post or for those that are lazy here is everything in a nutshell.

You can use the Wim Hof Method to influence your immune system and your mental strength quickly and positively. It is simple and effective. The method consists of three elements: Breathing technique, cold exposure and focus exercises.

  • Breathing technique
    during this part you lie on the floor, breathe in deep through the belly and chest and exhale. If you repeat this process about 30 times you will get some symptoms like tingling, high whining sound. When you have done this you exhale and just lay there (up to 1.5 minutes). When you feel like you need to breathe you just inhale deeply and hold for 15 seconds. Then exhale. That is one round
    There are 4 rounds and each round will be able to lay there longer.

    This is not like holding your breath, its more like not breathing which is a distinction I did not make before.
  • Cold exposure
    Here in this first week its easy, just end your shower with the last 30 seconds on cold. Its hard but its envigorating
  • Focus exercises
    these are given by a yoga instructor and really highlight the theme of the week

The first week was GOING DEEP


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This next week is about controlling and eliminating stress.

  • The breathing is intensified and I have just now been able to not breathe for 2 minutes and 40 seconds without feeling the slightest unease.
  • The showers are now ending with 1 minute of cold water and I must say I am starting to look forward to that rush.
  • We are also training to not have cold hands or feet by holding them in a bucket of ice water for 2 minutes and I have to say its doing wonders for my cold feet.
  • The yoga session is adapted and it really helps a lot with the upper back tension that builds up without you knowing.


This is day 2 of week 2 and I can feel the stress moving out of my body.
So for me so far this is really worth it. I feel more energetic and relaxed at the same time. Being able to stop breathing for almost 3 minutes was something surreal and now I am sure that 4 minutes is not out of my reach.

I am even contemplating trying to swim in the lake when winter hits, it seems like something "cool" to do and a perfect test to see if this whole course works in real life. Seeing test results from some university is not the same as doing it yourself

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20.09.2019 19:22

You’ve been visited by @riverflows on behalf of Natural Medicine!

I really must give this a go one day. I must admit the cold showers bit freaks me out somewhat!

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21.09.2019 02:36

Nice! Good progress :D
I do Wim's breathing methods sometimes when I remember them xD

21.09.2019 07:03

and the cold showers??

22.09.2019 16:41

When writing the comment it was a no.
But the last two days have been finished off with somewhat a cold shower, I am not completely there yet :p

22.09.2019 16:48

Cold Thermogenesis has many health benefits. Combining it with the breathing technique I am sure will do wonders. Its truly great information. I would like to give it a try.

22.09.2019 18:17

this is the official website (english version)
I was out swimming in a mountain lake today and really enjoyed the chill

22.09.2019 18:27

Thank you for sharing

23.09.2019 16:44