gold and crypto

A lot of people fear the upcoming recession but when you are prepared you can hedge your bets.

At home we have already sold all the stocks we had, even though they may rise a bit more that does not make it worth it and we just took our profits.

I am the more techy oriented one in our household so I put most of my investments in Crypto. My wife usually ignored the "money issue" but has now taken notice.

sadly the bars in the picture are from pixabay and not from us, we need to save a bit more for that.

She has taken some of her money and has ordered some gold. Yes, the physical stuff.
This will go in the safe at the bank but it will be nice to hold it once in a while when we go to the bank just to fondle the treasure

In a surprise move she also gave me a bit of money and told me to put it into BTC and even some in STEEM

  • So I opened up a Bitpanda Account for her since it is one of the easier ways to get from FIAT into crypto here in Europe and they really have a solid reputation
  • The BTC is already bought and is gathering weekly interest in her brand new Celsius Network account
  • With the rest I bought some LTC which is now waiting in my Binance account until they bring back the STEEM deposit / Withdraw option
  • Her account has been live for a while (@yogacoach) and there is about 55 SP in there and hopefully she will add another 3000ish soon depending on the price. Thats not a straight up dolphin but its a nice size minnow for sure.

@yogacoach will be put on autopilot with some delegations and some curation trails as my wife does not really like to write that much and neither does my mum @ladysalsa but at least she does post some pictures once in a while.

This makes another family member part of the Steem community.

Now lets all grow together and invest to get rich slowly (wink at @spinvest).

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04.09.2019 12:23

I'm going to check soon the Celcius network.

04.09.2019 12:42

ye, I really like it and every Monday I get my interest on my account which feels really nice

04.09.2019 13:00

A wise person will put his money into crtpto now

05.09.2019 01:22

well you do need to diversify and not keep all your eggs in one basket

05.09.2019 19:49

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