Going cold to be happy

Have you heard about the ICEMAN?

This is no mythical creature or a monster out of some fantasy book.

This is about the man called Wim Hof. He has countless mentions in the Guiness book of records due to his ability to regulate his body to withstand extreme cold for a long time.

Here we are combining the power of the brain measured by science


He once swam under the polar ice for over 50m in just his swimming trunks and another time he spent 8 hours barefoot in shorts on the base camp of the Everest at 4500m hight (less air, and -8°C)

From what I understand he has the ability to activate his reptilian brain. This is the part of our brain that was thought to be automatic and not controllable.

So now he has come up with a method to train others on how to do the same. Since this intreaged me I signed up for that course.
They always say its better to take cold showers... I guess this is one step further.

The Wim Hof Method is a training program designed to use a combination of very simple breathing exercises and cold therapy. The results have been tested scientifically in different universities in the Netherlands and now also in the US. I will be documenting my own path in the hopes of replicating all the outcomes below.

The cold therapy results are:

  • Strengthening of your willpower.
  • a Boost your immune system
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased energy.
  • Improvement in your sleep.
  • Increased focus and concentration.

Overall, the program is designed to make you a healthier, stronger and happier person.

For me personally I would like to focus on a strengthening of my willpower and a better focus and consentration but all the others are a very welcome bonus.

I will be posting regular updates on how it is working out and how I feel during the course.

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Hey, I know the Ice Man - his breathing techniques have vastly improved my ability to run (when I could run) and also but me in a better metal state of mind. I have been lazy ever since my accident but I think this is a reminder/ wake up call to get back at it.

12.09.2019 11:17

Yea, we heard lots of good things. Time to check it out. And great that this post is a little wake up call

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12.09.2019 15:19

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Man, i did not think that his body is ordinary

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