found 0.57 ETH, pleasant surprise, more steem for me

While I was going through all my wallets and accounts (I have way to many) I was pleasantly surprised to find 0.57 ETH in an exchange account I had not checked for over a year...

More time for FIRE


So naturally I immediately sent it to Binance and sold it for Steem... 644.515 SP will be added. That is another step into getting halfway to orca... and puts me on total nicely over 20k with all my accounts.


Either I am crazy for putting more into Steem or I am a genius. I guess time will tell. I am not as heavily invested as @exile but I do have faith in what is going on here on this blockchain of ours.

So time to add a few @spinvests to my name... getting rich slowly does have a nice ring to it.

I have some time till retirement :-) so either the crypto tide rises and all boats rise with or the sea dries out and I manage with the money saved so far...

FIRE: Financial Independence Retire Early

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22.08.2019 16:42

You got a 58.43% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @felander! :)

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22.08.2019 16:47

Nice one, man!

22.08.2019 17:09

yea. we have to just keep building and powering up...
I do not have the fiat reserves you seem to have but cannot complain with over 20k steem

22.08.2019 17:29

22.08.2019 17:15

yep... just read your update post, glad to see you are keeping on building

22.08.2019 17:30

That was surely a nice surprise. I just heard of spinvests too, and decided to join in on the fun :)

I’m hoping we are both crazy geniuses 🙈

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22.08.2019 17:24

getting rich, slow or fast is a nice target :-)

glad to have you join in.
any chance of adding @swisswitness to your witness list? I see you only have one chosen?
here is the link:

22.08.2019 17:32

Sure ! I’ll take a look and add some witnesses I think are worthwhile for the platform !

Thanks for providing the link 👍🏼

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22.08.2019 21:45

Wow that sounds like a lot of steem for not very much ETH!

It's a good time to buy!

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22.08.2019 19:24

That is an interesting find there ;-). I think that people like you or @exyle who regularly power up are an inspiration for a lot of people. I think it is great to write about powering up. If people read such posts they can be contagious :-). I changed my attitude as well. Whenever I've some steem lying around they become SP quite quickly...

22.08.2019 19:58

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