Datadash altcoin top 10 and my views

today @nicholasmerten aka @datadash (on youtube) released his new altcoin picks on 3speak and I am happy to say that Steem is in his top 10

Since he has 318k followers on youtube it might make some of them reconsider the steem blockchain and take a closer look. He got my upvote for sure.

I just added a bit of my comments to this and my holdings as well just to see that I have most of them even if its just a small amount.

So here are his top 10 altcoin picks
1 Chainlink (do not own, need to look into)
2 BAT (have a small amount)
3 Ravencoin (have a small amount)
4 Energi (do not own)
5 Ren (do not own, need to look into)
6 Litecoin (have some)
7 Ethereum (have some)
8 Enjin Coin (for some strange emotional unknown am not attracted to this)
9 Dash (might get some to stake)
10 STEEM (love this undervalued coin)

So I have a few litecoin and some ravencoin as well, I own ETH and Steem (duh)
I have been meaning to get some Dash (also for the passive income) and now as far as I learned from the video I will have a look at Chainlink and Ren as those look potentially interesting. As I have stated several times before I like that passive income aspect so I tend to go for tokens that provide staking rewards of some kind.


Which ones of these do you own and if you listened to the video, which ones would you consider??

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I've done quite well with LINK and believe in the value of the project itself. Very good coin to have and its getting adoption. I also think DASH and ETH are great coins. I'm not sure on others he recommends. For example, I've never understood the value proposition of paying to get BAT. If you want to give it to me for watching ads, ok, I'll turn it into BTC. But why would I buy that?

24.07.2019 16:21

it gets bought by the companies that want to run adds on the brave browser, that is where the value comes from on top of the fixed supply.
Or you can donate the BAT to your favourite writer or website for their work like patreon in a way

24.07.2019 19:35

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24.07.2019 16:30

Bat is pretty exciting thing to hold and get rewarded too

24.07.2019 16:41

I have but I still need to figure out how to activate it. So much to do, so little time

24.07.2019 19:38

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