Crypto in 2020: my thoughts

The Cryptocurrency timeline is slowly filling up and we are now ready to add another year to the calendar.

So I propose to change the new year party for Crypto enthusiasts to the 3rd of January instead of 31st of December. The launch of the BTC chain should be celebrated a bit better :-)

  • 03.01.2009 Launch of the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • 2010 Pizza day
  • 2014 Ethereum and Smart Contracting launches
  • 2017 ICO craze and bubble, BTC forks
  • 2018 Alt Graveyard, start of BTC lightning
  • 2019 Bear Market and Working behind the scene.
  • 2020 ?

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So what is going to happen in 2020?

There are some things that we know are going to take place for sure like the Halvening.
This event will raise the price hike in my opinion, not necessarily on the date itself, can be a bit sooner or a bit later.

But for me I think that the next year will be the one of the governments:

  • China is creating its own not so very centralised currency
  • Regulators are realising that there is something new out there that has attracted the attention of investors and institutions.
  • Tax collectors are seeing that there is money to be collected and are also adapting their tech to be able to track what is happening on the blockchains and the different exchanges. So far they have been not been really uniform worldwide and this is causing different adoption styles in different countries.
  • If there is to be a recession (which is my fear) then there will be a run to save haven hedges and BTC has been around long enough to have become one. (kind of self fulfilling imo)
  • As spoken about in previous posts there is the DEFI movement that is for the moment still small but is gaining momentum. This will force the traditional banks to act and they have very strong lobbying in the governments so that will be a hard nut to crack as well.

So we are seeing 2 general trends for that. The one driven by fear and the one driven by greed.

Measures driven by Fear:

Old school politicians that do not understand what they are talking about block what is new out of ignorance or to please their lobbyists who line their pockets.

Measures driven by Greed

Here we have something different. They regulators and politicians are still fearful but their greed is bigger. They see the money flowing into this space and want part of it in their coffers so they adopt a more lenient way. That is why we can see crypto hubs developing like Switzerland, Malta or Singapore and even France

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So in conclusion.

Even if we are far from the all time high, the work has not stopped and the devs are coding hard. The onramps are a lot smoother and the custody is a lot safer. Everything is falling in place for the masses to arrive while we are stepping into the next decade of blockchain innovation. Now they only have to find their way again.

Until then, keep stacking...

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Nice write up.
What do you think about price predictions?

25.12.2019 11:21

well, I feel they are going up but I do not really do predictions...

It will be at least higher then all time high for BTC I would say. If steem goes back to all time high I would be really really happy

25.12.2019 12:21

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25.12.2019 11:21

Interesting point on government starting to notice the decentralization movement. It is up to individual governments to decide whether to fight or embrace cryptos.

27.12.2019 01:42

Hi @felander

I think it's about time that governments realize the great power that cryptos have,
However, even though the Chinese government wants to enter that world,
Already they launched their experiment with a small country that supplies them with oil., That country is called Venezuela and the government adopted a crypto called petro, although they say they are backed, internationally nobody wants to make any transaction with that crypto .

We must continue betting on the cypto already known and that there is already confidence in them.

Good article.


28.12.2019 16:08

thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read the blog. Good point you have there with Venezuela. They use other countries to test out stuff and then adopt what works for them

28.12.2019 19:43

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HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.


05.01.2020 09:00