Creating a Succulent wall decoration

Yesterday I found myself in a very decorative and creative mood so I decided I had to "make something"


Through all the internet research I quickly landed on a succulent wall because a moss wall is made of dead moss and I wanted something green and alive for our living room.

We had a few succulents in teeny pots in our living room already and I had seen some around that grew in the wild. Adding all those together I figured I had enough to fill a frame.

As you can see I still have some space left over but I have seen some growing around in peoples rock gardens so I might just go and ring to see if I can scrounge up some "baby succulents" or some leaves to grow my own as these seem to be very easy to grow once you have some of your own.

I of course went a little overboard and bought a big board and planks measuring 50cm x 75cm and created a really big box. in hindsight I guess its a bit to deep and a bit to big to hang up but it has to lay flat for a few weeks anyway so that all the roots can take hold.

Tools used for the succulent wall:

  • wood for a box (do not go overboard like me)
  • a frame to make it nicer if that is your style (still thinking about mine)
  • chicken wire
  • cactus or succulent earth
  • nails
  • gluegun (glue the bag to the box)
  • plasic underground (as you can see my dog just finished her food so I "upcycled" the bag for a new purpose


succulent box 2.jpg

lets see what the outcome is and if I can maybe put it upright on a chest in the house somewhere instead of hanging it on the wall (it has become way to heavy for that now)

But if these take hold and start growing I might use them as a breeding staple to get some more and try some smaller wall hanging decorations.

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30.08.2019 14:11

You must have really b spend a lot of time on that I am sure

30.08.2019 14:30

took a few hours but was not to bad all in all

30.08.2019 15:04

Hey @felander,

Thanks for including the #naturalproducts tags. The succulent wall certainly looks like a fun project. However, we don't think that it quite fits in with what we had in mind for the tag or it might need a second tag. Please feel free to review the Natural Products Posts: Guidelines when using #naturalproducts in your posts!. We've given you a little NATRL upvote.
best regards, @naturalproducts

30.08.2019 14:42

ok, thanks, I will check out the guidelines.

30.08.2019 15:03

I had a hard time cultivating succulent in my garden. It wont last for sometimes.

30.08.2019 15:01

its my first time... I am curious to find out what will happen. But apparently its not that hard to breed and keep them

30.08.2019 15:09

I have been thinking about one of these. How do you water the succulents, once the wall garden is in position?

30.08.2019 15:12

you put if flat, water it a lot every few weeks/month
or with vaporiser but apparently then the roots do not go that deep.

mimic the desert, a lot at once, long times nothing

30.08.2019 18:35

That's so nice!

30.08.2019 15:27

thanks, I like it, I hope it turns out cool

30.08.2019 18:36

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30.08.2019 21:00

Thanks for sharing. I will be following to see what the outcome will be... "succulent wall" ~ I think it is an amazing idea!

04.09.2019 00:37