Boris for president...

It has been confirmed.

Boris is Empereur

Boris Johnson is going to be president of the UK and the prime minister of the Ustated Knights looks on benevolently from his white castle


Meanwhile the queen is packing away her fine porcelain china teacups but she found a new one that will fit quite well with the upcoming audience

pic from by @ssvveenn

First thing Boris did was ruffle his feathers and puff up his chest beating it proudly.

Then he declared that all would be hunkey dorey and the brits would row their islands away from Europe and anchor them next to the US.

I am curious to see how all of this works out but I know for sure it will be a gran ol spectacle...

why are boris johnson and donald trump never in the same room together?
they share a wig...

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Congrat to him for that

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I'm just sick of the whole debacle.

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