A night of Art

Sometimes its good to get away from the PC or the smartphone and there is a company that is doing very well in Europe that provides exactly that service.


They started with the concept of ART NIGHT and through a funding in Höle der Löwen (the lions den) the startup really took off and is now present in 6 countries and with over 300 different artists.

The concept is simple. You go to a restaurant/bar and there you are thought over the course of 3 hours on how to paint a painting depending on the theme of the evening.
We had "an abstract face" for our topic and I can tell you that no painting looked the same in the end. There were 16 people present including my wife and yours truly.

The big advantage here is that it is not really a course on "how to". Its an evening of getting away from the usual, doing something different and having some fun with friends or family over a few drinks.


Zoe (our "artist") did a really good job explaining the setup and how to start and then walked around advising everyone where needed and giving tips and tricks on how to proceed. The cool thing about the evening was to do something completely different but also to get creative and learn something new.

I really got my creative juices flowing and am quite happy with how my painting turned out.

The location was really cool in the city of Freiburg in the south of Germany (we spent the night and took the opportunity to do some sightseeing after. Really nice city and friendly people. Well worth a visit.



If you like this and live in Europe, then check out the locations and options. They have also now expanded to:

  • art night (painting)
  • bake night (cakes)
  • shake night (cocktails)
  • plant night (green wall)

These are all really cool things to do for an evening/afternoon and I really think I will be doing something like this again soon.

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Pretty cool thing to do and to get out the artist from within. People can do great things if they put their minds to it and this is a living proof of that. Ingenious and magical at the same time!

22.09.2019 18:35

very true and through these evenings you get the opportunity to try something new and indeed magical

22.09.2019 18:47