Last Night the Lower Sioux Welcomed Me to Show My Film

This morning, I look out my hotel window facing the prairies of the Lower Sioux Indian Reservation. They welcomed me here last night--just as stated on this sign greeting your drive in.


I presented my film "The Wall", about the 2018 Minneapolis Native American homeless camp, to an audience at the rec center. Afterward, they shared their thoughts on the issues within the film. One gentleman talked about him finding sobriety earlier in his life, while acknowledging the mystery of why he was able to and others not. The film doesn't provide answers to these issues. It reveals them and the humans who endure them. It helps us understand the need to address them.

Thank you, Lower Sioux Community, for welcoming me to come share this work. Thank you, Kortni, for all your work arranging this event. And thank you, Mat, for sitting down with me last night to educate me on these very issues, as well as the various Native American cultural programs taking place here and around the state. I take this experience with me as I work to show my film to more audiences and discuss these social issues and the work being done to address them.

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