This Is By Far The Coolest Phone I've Ever Seen!

What you're looking at here is a Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Universe 2 Diamond Gold.... what a mouthful that name is! It's also probably the most expensive smartphone in the world. If you want the highest end version of this phone, it'll set you back nearly $89,000 according to their website.

It features so many things including: Pure 24k gold everywhere, diamonds, rubies, topazes, as well as real pieces of the Moon, Mars, and an actual space shuttle that orbited the Earth. It comes packaged in the finest of leather boxes. It also features a Sapphire glass screen that can resist scratches from anything but a diamond and additionally features a layout of the Solar System on the back and what seems to be a working Swiss styled time piece on the back. This phone is truly out of this world!

While looking at pictures is nice, here's a video that just got released where someone actually gets to unbox it and show off everything that it has to offer!

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01.02.2020 12:21