Achievement 3: by @fawazy|| Content etiquette|| mentored by@cryptokannon

Etiquette refers to this things that are acceptable by members of a reserved community.

Every community or organization has specific rules and regulations that everyone must abide by. Steemit as a community does not condone PLAGIARISM


What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism means stealing and passing off ideas (or words) of another as one’s own.

It also means to present new an idea or content gotten from an existing source without referring to the source.

Plagiarism is not just copy and paste, it is also LYING and STEALING.

There are several types of plagiarism, but I will just talk about four of them:

Complete plagiarism;

Paraphrasing plagiarism;


Direct plagiarism.

Complete plagiarism: This is the most severe form of plagiarism whereby a person takes a piece of work, done by someone else and places it in his or her name.

Paraphrasing plagiarism: This is the most common form of plagiarism. This happens when one takes someone else’s writing, changes some words, and passes it off as his or her work. Even if the wordings differ, the idea remains the primary author’s own.

Auto/self-plagiarism: this happens when an author duplicates his or her work by reusing a portion or all of a previously published work without giving credit to the work.

Plagiarism doesn’t just involve content alone, it also applies to copying a photo, music, or video from a source without giving proper credit to the source.


What are the consequences of plagiarism on steemit?
When traces of plagiarism is found in your content, you will automatically be downvoted by some special steem robots or the steem curators themselves, which may lead to the loss of valuable resources.

How do I avoid plagiarism on steemit?
I must study and understand the topic I want to write about before putting it down.

If need be, to attach a picture, I must also attach the link to the principal source of this picture.

When copying a popular quote, I must refer to the speaker.

Plagiarism is a huge offense in the steem community!!

I vow to abide by the rules and avoid plagiarizing anybody’s work.

Thank you to @brightobias, @sovega, @whitestallion, @crytokannon for maximum support.

This is my achievement 3 post to steemit.

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