HAND EMBROIDERY - RAMAZAN PATTERN - BY @fatimafahim || 20-April-2021.


I hope you all are staying healthy and happy. I'm fine alhamdulillah.

so let's get started with the post.


Hand embroidery had been around for decades, the main purpose of it was just for decorating clothes, sweaters and other pieces o fabrics. It is a very traditional art and has humble roots. Its an easily accessible craft to start, its supplies are inexpensive and easily available almost everywhere.
Hand embroidery contains thousands of stitches followed by hundreds of variations of those thousand stitches. :D
But you only need to be familiar with dozen of simple stitches to start working on your beautiful pattern.

Hand embroidery is something more than just a normal hobby to me. I just love doing embroidery all the time. Once i started doing embroidery there is no stopping me from it. I'll literally complete that pattern in just two days which is supposed to be completed in a week. sounds crazy right?! I know.
soon ill make a post about my all of the embroidered patterns which I've made in a short time.


Its been almost 7 days of Ramzan ad I almost forgot about creating a pattern for this month because I was just too busy with my studies. but today I made up mind that I've to make one today.

first I drew a pattern on the piece of cloth. Which I obviously searched from google, and placed my fabric into wooden frame. I drew my pattern with a normal drawing pencil. I avoid using pens because their ink spread if you wash the fabric.




for filling the pattern I used a cotton thread and a small eyed needle. there is no shade mentioned on it. that is why I've attached the pictures.


I filled he pattern with satin stitch. This is the most amazing filling stitch in hand embroidery. I used 2 layers of that cotton thread to give a good volume to my pattern. Satin stitching covers an area completely.

-The stitches are worked side by side, but may be of different length depending on the shape of the design being filled. Since the stitches cover both back and front of the fabric, the tension of your stitches is crucial to achieving a nice finish.
-Take the needle down straight across from where you brought the needle up, on the opposite side of the shape you are filling.
-Bring the needle up on the side of the shape where you started, near where the needle came up on the previous stitch.
Take the needle down straight across from where you brought it up, near where the needle went down on the previous stitch.


after filling it with satin stitch I then used a more thicker cotton thread and the same needle to outline the filled design.



I outlined the the filled design with a back stitch. The stitches formed with a backstitch are made by bringing the needle up a stitch some length away from the end of the previous stitch, and taking it down at the end near of the first stitch stitches, laying the thread on the surface of the fabric.
-Make a single stitch backward to the point where the stitching should begin.
-Bring the needle up a short distance from the first stitch on the line to the right. This will be the start of the second stitch.


and that's it. I've just used these two stitches in my whole embroidered pattern. I had completed this design in just 4 hours.
And here is the final look


I hope I've explained everything well. and if not then do let me know about it in the comment section.
Thank you for being here,


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The best part is you are also teaching people on how to do that stitching perfectly and indeed you have done that work perfectly....

the tension of your stitches is crucial to achieving a nice finish.

You look pretty experienced over this work ...

23.04.2021 13:08

Thank you so much for your kind words, means a lot to me😊
Also I’ve started doing this during he pandemic. And I myself never imagined I would become so good with this, in such a short period of time.

24.04.2021 08:03

I like it

23.04.2021 16:37

Thank you🙂

24.04.2021 08:03

Amazing! Wonderful!

Congratulations, your post has been selected for the Best Picks Of The Day. We will try to get Voting Support On this post of yours. Thankyou for sharing your work with us. Keep posting in STEEMIT PAKISTAN as we always wish to see good stuff from Dedicated Members. Happy Steeming.

24.04.2021 11:47

This is so beautiful. Awesome job.

25.04.2021 09:15

Thank you❤️

26.04.2021 09:51