My delegation to @marlians

When I first heard about Marlians, the first thing that came to my mind was the trending followers of Naira Marley, a Nigerian musician that became popular as a result of his case with EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) in Nigeria.

When I read about the project, I discovered that the name was inspired by the Naira Marley followers. I was right after all. As a fan of Nigeria hip-hop music, I can relate and I fell in love immediately with the marlians project and that is why I have decided to delegate some Steem Power to the account @marlians.


In my commenton my previous post which I made to become a certified ulogger, I promise to delegate to @marlians and here I'm fulfilling my promise.


I just delegated 10sp for now which might seems small, I will definitely increase my delegation in the coming week.
I am calling on you all to support this great work our brother @surpassinggoogle is doing by delegating to @marlians. I believe there are also a lot to benefit by delegating. No amount of Steem Power is too small or much.


If you are yet to be a certified ulogger, what are you still waiting for? Just follow the 4 simple steps as stated here

Here is my ulog post of becoming a certified ulogger:

You can see the list of 'certified uloggers' on ''

Don't forget to vote on the 'steemgigs' witness

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It is a stunt to target growth and adjust mentality in naija as whole and shine naija to the world in ways 'great'.

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24.07.2019 17:26

your posting is using the tag AAA, which is for movie and drama reviews. Your posting does not have any relevance with TripleA and please be informed that we will countermeasure any tag abusing.

Your account is going to be blacklisted permanently after this warning if the tag AAA is used without any relevance again.

24.07.2019 22:05

Your Marlians is a scam.The in of money is all going to the owner.It started selling 200k tokens sold at 0.2 but now you lowered it and people cannot trade and keep buying more.Owner asking for registration of 5 Steems to become verified for thing that are free to be done in the Steemit platform.Token is of African in origin but targets Chinese and Koreans investers.People should beware this kind of project.beware of this scam Chinese and Korean.

26.07.2019 14:14