ULOG - How to become a certified ulogger: My process of becoming a certified ulogger

Let me first of all introduce myself once again to the ulog community


My name is Abraham but on the Steem blockchain, you all know me as @fatherfaith. I celebrated my 2 years anniversary on Steem some weeks ago and I've known @surpassinggoogle for close to 2 years now. He is one of the first steemians (whale) that helped and supported me in my early days and he has not stopped supporting and helping. He is such a good and generous man. I was surprised when we were chatting some month ago and he was tell me about myself. It shows he has everybody at heart and he follows all our progress.

I love him so much.

Its my bad that I'm just going through the process of been certified now. I am sorry for that.

To be a certified ulogger, there are some few steps to be taken.
Before I continue let me inform you all that the process has changed as announced by @surpassinggoogle some hours ago. You can see the new process in his detailed post here

In the new Simplified Process For Becoming A Certified Ulogger, you now have to go through 4 steps. The steps are:

  • Steps 1: Send '5 STEEM' to '@marlians' with this memo; '1 month certification'.
  • Step 2: Do a 'ulog' via 'marlians.com' discussing the process of 'how you became a certified ulogger'. Make sure to use #ulog as tag.
  • Step 3: Subscribe to 'UloggersTV YouTube'.
  • Step 4: Fill up this google form.

That's all.

As I said, I've also started the process of becoming a certified ulogger. Writing this post is also one of the steps (step 2). I've already done step 1 and step 3. After publishing this post, I will fill the form in step 4.

Here are the proofs of steps 1 and 3:

Step 1

I've sent 5 STEEM to @marlians




Step 3

I've Subscribed to 'UloggersTV YouTube'.


If you are reading this and you are yet to be a certified ulogger, what are you still waiting for?

You can see the list of 'certified uloggers' on 'https://ulogs.org/discover'

Don't forget to vote on the 'steemgigs' witness

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I'm through with step 4. I just filled the Google form to complete the process of becoming a certified ulogger


I will also delegate some steem power to @marlians as my token to support marlians.com

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Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

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