#worldcoinwednesday - Time for a little africa

Definitely play this epic song. And just bask in its 1980's greatness

So about the coin, as we're all currently engulfed in awesome harmony, well it's this, a super cool 2013 Somali Elephant. One of the best designs ever, bar none.



I mean come on folks, that's a good looking coin right there... And I like elephants, I don't know why, but I do. I want a tiny house elephant. So get cracking scientists, stop worrying about faster than light travel, and start making house hippos and house elephants!.


There ya be, ladies and gentlemen, toto, a beautiful silver coin, and a house hippo.

🎉Welcome to the Interwebs!🇨🇦

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I love that Toto song. 🐘

07.11.2019 03:56

Fat-E: 80s Music Connoisseur Extraordinaire

07.11.2019 04:01

I don't know why the 80's music is talked down. It's one of the best decades for rock and roll!

08.11.2019 02:59

Fuckin-a RIGHT! Elvis knows music!

10.11.2019 03:32

Great coin bad song

07.11.2019 06:03