New silver coin arrived.

Hi stackers

I got my new RCM coin. Its the 2 oz RCMP coin.


Pretty nice. But what made me buy it was King George on the back.


That's a sweet coin right there, I may buy some more if I can afford it.

Thanks for reading.

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This coin is in my wish list.

19.09.2019 23:45

You'll like it. Its even prettier in person. The KG on the back is incredible.

20.09.2019 03:18

Very nice I’m jealous

19.09.2019 23:45

Go get one dude. Its the best thing the RCM has done In a while.

20.09.2019 03:19

Oh my goodness. This is gorgeous.
It is that georgeous? 😂🤣 Is this new?!!! Imagine how funny it will be when Charlie is in the coins!

21.09.2019 06:23

I don't want chucky on my money. But I'm happy the mint put granddad on a coin again. I didn't think they could do that. I thought it had to be the sitting monarch?

21.09.2019 13:39