I know, I already posted recently. #worldcoinwednesday

So 510 posted for #worldcoinwednesday, and I've been not posting much lately, so here's my world coin. From a country that no longer exists. But one of the greatest places on God's Green Earth. Ask anyone who lives there if you don't believe me.



So there it is, 50 cents from the Commonwealth of Newfoundland.

Fuck steemit is annoying with all the damned ads eating up half my phone screen. I'm about ready to cash out and let the dog die.

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Newfoundland was it’s own country? That is a sweet old coin.

Don’t leave.... people keep leaving. 😭

31.10.2019 04:57

Yeah, they joined Canada in 1949. I love finding NFLD coins in shops.

31.10.2019 20:42

For phone why don't you try Partiko app or alternate site like busy.org.

31.10.2019 13:11

I switched to Brave browser. Much better now. Cheers Oldman!

31.10.2019 21:00