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I don't wanna brag... But

What's up everyone. Just showing some money right now.


Pretty baller right there



The only problem with this, is it's 100% fake. Fake cash fake gold... The wood board is real though.

I saw these on a popular Chinese company's site and figured for a couple bucks, I'd like to see how good the fakes are getting. I think I paid $3.00 Canadian for the coin and cash stack total, shipping included.


The cash, well it's prop cash, looks real enough on stage or film.

The AGE is pretty good looking. I could tell it was fake just by holding it. But here's the problem, its pretty convincing, and these things are out there. Even fake Morgan dollars, that have very really toning, wear and patina. They look old. So pay attention, new stackers. Invest and carry neodymium magnets, a scale as a minimum, and always try to buy from reputable dealers. I really don't want anyone to get burned on a deal.

Cheers everyone,

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