Every day I'm hustling. Part 2 What the heck did I find?

Hi all

If you missed my post last night about a bulk jewelry buy I made at the thrift shop... Here it is.


Any prices discussed are in CAD.

So here's some of what I found. If you only want to see the gold score and total, skip towards the bottom.

This appears to be an emerald cut Aqua. But I'm only an amateur gem and stone guy, so I'll show it to someone else. If it's an aqua, probably worth about $20.00


Here's a pile, all mixed up and some of its a bit gross.


So here's my "needs more testing" pile.


Here's some more interesting, non treasure things I'm keeping just cause they're old and I have a box of pins. And I don't collect pins actively, they just seem to find m for some reason. I'm always finding pins.


Here's a bunch of beads I'll sanitize and give to my neices.


And now for the gold.


So that all tested at 10K.

5.21g x 0.417 x 64.39 = 139.89

A bit of sterling.


And my favorite thing. This 1957 Bulova RGP Commodore watch, now sporting an affordable black leather band. I checked eBay listings and this will sell for about $70.


I'm pretty happy with this buy. I'll have to do this bulk jewelry deals more often!

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That is a hell of a haul! That Bulova watch was a great score, but all that is the icing on the cake. Excellent score @fat-elvis!

05.10.2019 02:57

Thanks VG. Now I think I need to go unload my scrap gold. I'll post about that when I do.

05.10.2019 16:30

Great score brotheršŸ‘

05.10.2019 02:58

Thanks man. Its a gamble buying bulk crap. But it was fun to go through. And it payed off... This time.

05.10.2019 16:31