Cooking with @fat-elvis - Power Bowl

Hi all.

Just sharing a thing I make for weight training lately.

I call it Power bowl.


Make rice. And add canned veggies. I cook the rice in the can juice and chicken stock. Bone broth would be better.



Then I put the rice in a bowl and add crushed up seaweed. That's supposed to be good for iodine intake and some other shit I can't remember.


Then check out this little pan I bought. It cooks 2 eggs perfectly with no oil. It's called Gotham or something like that. Anyway, It's awesome, even though I accidentally over cooked my eggs.



Then I topped it with steak and HP sauce.



Anyway, there you go, healthy high protein meal, with easy simple carbs. And... damn I like eggs, I couldn't eat them for so long because of a GI disorder, but I have that being sorted out, I'm so glad I can eat them again!!

Who knew getting into shape would be so damned difficult. I mean I wanted to smash in a Mucho Burrito today so bad, but I didn't! I worked out, ate what I am supposed to eat, had my supplements, and at the end of the day, now, I'm glad I didn't cheat and go smash in junk food. Bit I'm gonna need a burger cheat day soon!

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I love eggs too man, I eat them almost every day! That bowl looks like it packs a punch! Good job not eatin' that burrito today! Fuck, I love burritos...
28.10.2019 03:07

Yummm, that looks good.... I'll take everything except the seaweed, not too fond of that! :)

28.10.2019 10:56
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