Cooking with @fat-elvis - Lacto-fermented dill pickles

Hi folks.

I had a few cucumbers that weren't gonna get eaten any time soon. So I decided to ferment them.


So I use a 3.5% brine for pickles. That's 1 ltr. of water to 33grams pickling salt

To that I add mustard powder and mustard seeds. And a bit of ginger


When it cooled, I added some already well fermented juice from my peppers.


So into a couple jars with dill, garlic, cucumbers and white onions


Then covered in the brine. I added the pickle pebbles and these beauties will ferment for a couple weeks into delicious sour pickles.



So there we go, these should be good in a couple weeks. Adding a bit of brine from the old ferment will really kick start the lactobacillus growth.

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